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David A. Ethridge
13 Sep, 2012 | 02:00 PM
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You’ve heard about the typical August recess in the IPO market, but what is that exactly? How long does it last? What’s a market window? And when will we see IPOs pricing again? ...
Shannon Rochford
30 Aug, 2012 | 02:27 PM
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For the past eight years we’ve surveyed our listed company CEOs on topics affecting their businesses and the overall economy. This year, we took a different approach and surveyed entrepreneurs and small business owners as well. There were over 600 respondents in total - 340 NYSE CEOs and 285 US small business owners to be exact. Here are some highlights as to where these different contingents agree or disagree: ECONOMY ...
Guest Writer Series
30 Aug, 2012 | 07:09 AM
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Alex Zaltsman is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Innovi Mobile, a  mobile strategy and application development company. Alex is on the Board of Directors for the New Jersey chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization. He is secretly hoping that no one chooses the symbol APPS before his company one day goes public on the NYSE Euronext. ...
Feargal O'Sullivan
24 Aug, 2012 | 02:28 PM
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I know this may seem a bit old by now, but one of my colleagues edited up a nice five-minute video of my interview at Buzz Talk during EMCWorld in May. He cut out all the fluff, spliced in a few graphics to help explain my points further and posted it online for your perusal. ...
David A. Ethridge
21 Aug, 2012 | 01:15 PM
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IPOs, JOBS, IPOs, JOBS, IPOs….the JOBS Act.  Where are we now with this milestone legislation and the IPO market? Can we see any real results yet? We’ve heard from other market participants many companies have filed as an Emerging Growth Company under the JOBS Act. But don’t jump to the conclusion that the Act has spurred 108 new companies to file for IPOs that might not have otherwise. We’re not there yet, though there have been some encouraging signs. (see chart below as of 8/7/12) ...
Feargal O'Sullivan
12 Aug, 2012 | 09:07 PM
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  Hopefully by now you are aware of the NYSE Technologies global, cloud-computing environment called the Capital Markets Community Platform.  We launched it last year, providing our clients with access to the first industry-specific cloud-computing solution.  This is considered layer 1 of cloud – Infrastructure-as-a-Service. ...