NYX 360: 28 November, 2011

Christmas tree near NYSE 2007

Our 2007 tree. This year's is quite chatty. Image via Wikipedia.

  • NYSE stokes battle for “mom and pop” investors -- Reuters
  • Options volume up for 9th straight year, driven by new ‘weeklies’ – Traders
  • NYSE Liffe to extend grains futures trading by a year – Reuters
  • Williams Controls moves to NYSE Amex from Nasdaq – Williams Controls, Portland Business Journal
  • U.S. offers escape route for European IPO hopefuls – Reuters
  • The axe starts to fall on trading jobs --  FT, Bloomberg
  • Brussels backs off automated-trades plan – FT
  • More CEOs find Japan important – Japan Times
  • Scenes from a trading floor - AP, AP

Elsewhere on the Exchanges blog:

And to close this out on a happy note:  Christmas trees lighting up around Manhattan – CBS New York   And NYSE Euronext’s tree is tweeting!

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