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Parasnand Madho
11 Jun, 2012 | 08:00 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading up 43 points and S&P futures are trading up 4 points after Europe agreed to a $125 billion rescue package for the Spanish banking system to be used to recapitalize and fund ailing banks.  Investors remain concerned that Spain itself will require a bailout package similar to Ireland, Greece, and Portugal, but the EU member is yet to make such a request.  China reported exports grew last month at more than double the pace analysts had forecasted. ...
Euronext Lisbon
28 Mar, 2012 | 12:35 PM
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Courtney Raio
13 Jan, 2012 | 05:53 PM
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Markets were down all day but closed off their lows on rumors that S&P was close to downgrading its credit ratings on several European nations, including France, Italy and Spain. JPMorgan Chase reported its Q4 results that missed on revenue which added to the downward market moves. ...
Parasnand Madho
28 Oct, 2011 | 08:00 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading down 62 points and S&P futures are trading down 7 points following the previous trading session’s sharp gains after European leaders struck a deal to halt the regions debt crisis. The focus will be on Euro zone implementation of the plan. Traders are looking for a long term solution for Europe and the health of Italy is top of mind. Other countries in the EU block experiencing similar financial distress include Spain, Ireland, and Portugal. ...
Parasnand Madho
4 Aug, 2011 | 08:17 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading down 96 points and S&P futures are trading down 13 points. The Euro zone is in focus today as Spain and Italy auction 10 year bonds. Investors are concerned Spain and Italy could be the next members of the EU to require assistance from the Euro fund, whose reserves have been dwindling since the Greece and Portugal bailouts. The ECB which is the back stop for the fund met today and did not raise interest rates. Markets are looking for the ECB to adopt stricter contagion plans to combat the regions sovereign debt crisis. ...
Ade Cordell
25 Jul, 2011 | 12:18 PM
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