Seeking Your Reflections and Recollections of 9/11

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A month from today we will be commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11, an event seared into the collective heart of the NYSE community of staff, members, friends and loved ones.  We have not yet announced how we will pay tribute to the fallen and the brave on that day, but in the interim I've been thinking about how this blog can contribute.  Here is my modest proposal.

Starting this Sept. 11 and continuing through Sept. 17, I'm going to post my own memories and relfections on that period a decade ago, from the moment of the impact of the first plane just a couple blocks from here, through the day when the U.S. financial markets reopened for business.  On some of the days I might have a lot to say; others, not as much, somewhat like a diary written 10 years after the fact..

I would love to have you share your own thoughts.  At any time from now through Sept. 17 you can e-mail me anything you want to offer, and I'll publish everything I can.   It can be short or long, personal or not, a memory or a  reflection or a wish for peace, whatever you've got   Or if you prefer, you can add your thoughts in the comment  box with each day's post.

I'm not really sure why I'm doing this, but I'm sure that I have to.  After 10 years, it just feels like it's time to do it.

I've never been able to write about 9/11; I mean, where do you begin?  But when people have asked me about it,, a flood comes rushing forth.  The  awful sights and sounds and shock and fear of that day.  Our colleagues who were spared from tragedy by heroic efforts, and those members who were not.  My own close call that day.  The solemn purpose and herculean drive in the succeeding days to pick up the pieces and put the financial world back together.  The sorrowful pride and can-we-get-through-this triumph of the Opening Bell of Sept. 17.

So for me, maybe this is my own way of paying tribute, of giving 9/11 its proper due, of telling a story I just finally need to tell. The "why" is not that important.  It just feels right and necessary and that's reason enough. 

I know that many, many of you have your own 9/11 stories, of what you went though, how it has changed you, what you've taken from it and how you look back on it through the lens of 10 years.  It would be enriching and affirming to hear this story told through many voices, not just my own.    I hope you'll join me.  Thanks for considering it. 

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