NYX 360: 5 March, 2012

  • Yelp’s IPO gets spectacular reviews – San Jose Mercury News, Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Now THAT'S a trading crowd - http://bit.ly/yA00Oi
  • Scott Cutler: Not a massive spike of IPOs ahead, but a slow crescendo - http://on.wsj.com/wMO6dH
  • A 'brace' of new listings expected at NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam - http://bit.ly/y6JLvC
  • Gazit-Globe's NYSE listing "really about the company becoming a global entity" - http://bit.ly/xuHEGj
  • Scenes from a trading floor: AP
  • The brain science behind trading and economics – LA Times
  • Today is the birthday of Edouard Belin, French investor and engineer (1876-1963).  NYT

    Belin in 1907 made the first telephoto transmission, from Paris to Lyon to Bordeaux and back to Paris, using an apparatus of his own invention. His equipment was adopted in Britain in 1928. It was used almost exclusively by European news media during the 1930s and ’40s, when the term “Belino” came into general use for all kinds of picture transmission. - Britannica

    --  And you didn’t think you were going to learn anything today!
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