NYX 360: 2 March, 2011

SEC approves one-pot margining for New York Portfolio Clearing (FT, WSJ)

First corporate responsibility forum at NYSE today (Michelle Greene/NYSE Exchanges)

Flash-order debate moves to options after Direct Edge bows out (Bloomberg)

NYSE Euronext and Tokyo Stock Exchange to explore network linkage (NYX, Reuters, Nikkei, Bloomberg)

Our CFO Michael Geltzeiler to present at Raymond James conference, 7 March (NYX)

Global X unveils price, ticker of new oil ETF (Index Universe)

Old American Stock Exchange HQ sold (WSJ, Real Estate Weekly)

New short-sale restriction has early tendency toward low-priced stocks (Dow Jones)

Top five reasons why brokers get fined (Securities Technology Monitor)

Scenes from a trading floor (Xinhua via CRI English)

Scenes from (outside) a trading floor – beautiful shot of NYSE façade (Eugene/Flickr)

OMG, we were on ‘Gossip Girl’??? (Show Tracker/L.A. Times)

And is that me on the trading floor?  Oh wait, it’s just Richard Gere.  I always get us confused. (NYX/Twitter pic)