NYX 360: 18 May, 2011

Meet John Doe

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LinkedIn hikes IPO price range by 30 percent – VentureBeat, WSJ

Ally Financial changes IPO plans, offering some debt as well – DealBook/NYT

Lawmakers warn derivatives rules would hurt US banks – FT

Companies rush to borrow; junk-bond issuance still booming – WSJ, MarketBeat/WSJ

Finance-news articles mentioning ‘crisis’ are at a 3-year low – FT Alphaville

Does that mean the crisis is ebbing, or just that we’re just getting sick of reading and writing about it?

High-school students ‘trade’ their way to the top – Tampa Bay Online

On the Exchanges blog:

Morning Report: May 18, 2011

Duncan Niederauer at The American Ireland Fund 2011 New York Dinner Gala

NYSE End of Day Summary: May 17, 2011

Scenes from outside a trading floor  - Reuters/Yahoo!

Personal-finance reporting course offered to minority journalists – Talking Biz News

Marty Lyons, member, New York Sack Exchange, goes to college football hall of fame – Daily News

On this date in 1897, the director Frank Capra was born.  Check out his New York Times obituary here.

My favorite Capra movies is “Meet John Doe” -- Gary Cooper, all the newspaper drama, the whole idea about the viral power of a human story --  way ahead of its time.  Do you have a favorite Capra flick?

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