Back to My Roots

From guest writer Noelle Evergreen

For 50 years, I stood in the backwoods of West Nyack, a small-town girl dreaming of the big city. I grew to an impressive 58 feet—the tallest in my family!—and meticulously moderated my sunshine intake to maintain a svelte, 30-foot base. I tended to my pine needles, and perfected my sway. “The perfect Christmas tree,” my agent said – and NYSE Euronext agreed, casting me in the role of a lifetime. Yesterday, I took my place among the legends of Wall Street, as megawatt celebrities gathered ‘round to illuminate the 3,300 LED lights woven among my branches and the six-foot star on my crown.

It’s been great fun, but now that I’ve made it in New York, I’d like to reflect on my roots. My former employers, the Doherty family, helped me grow into the perennial I am today. Donna Doherty and her family will be ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, and here’s what she had to say about our time together:

The 2011 Christmas tree sitting outside the NYSE sat in our front yard for the last 50 years. We had the privilege of admiring this tree for the last 17 years—my two sons climbed that tree many times when they were younger ("it was a perfect climbing tree"). The boys and their Dad made a birdhouse, and year after year, we watched the birds who made their home there.

The decision to take the tree down was bittersweet, but unfortunately it was growing too close to our house. I figured it’s going to come down anyway so why not have it come down in glory and go to a NY landmark institution like the NYSE so others can enjoy our beautiful tree.



Donna Doherty & Family

Donna, thank you for the years you spent tending to me – I was so lucky to have been so loved. And thank you for the opportunity to branch out into show business – it’s been a hoot.

Now if only I could join you on the bell podium