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As part of our Issuer Advocacy Program, on July 26th, NYSE Euronext had the pleasure of hosting Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, for an issuer roundtable discussion with several senior listed company executives, representing industries that fall under FERC’s umbrella.

During this interactive session, Chairman Wellinghoff provided the group with an update of the major initiatives in FERC’s world, including the Commission’s recent efforts to establish procedures on transmission planning and cost allocation, and its review of rate incentives for transmission projects. Issuers were given the opportunity to ask the Chairman a number of questions relating to these programs, as well as provide perspective of the issues they’re dealing with on the ground, and offer suggestions on how FERC could improve competition to help lower costs for consumers. At the end of the program, all guests were invited to our Bell podium where the Chairman rang the NYSE Closing Bell.

NYSE Euronext is committed to providing our issuer community with access to regulators, administration officials, and key leaders in Washington. Last month, we hosted a series of Tax Roundtables with almost 20 listed company c-level executives and tax specialists and with top tax policy advisors on the Hill and within the Administration. Our session notes can be viewed here for your review.

These types of events have the double benefit of giving our listed companies the chance to provide candid, off the record feedback with the leaders that most impact their industries; as well as providing these officials with unparalleled access to the most influential business leaders in their industries, all in one sitting. We would encourage our listed companies to reach out to us with suggestions or comments on the types of programs and events they would be interested in participating in.

Please email issueradvocacy@nyx.com to find out how you can become involved in our advocacy platform.

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