Wall Street Takes the Bulls by the Horns

Ever dreamed of being a cowboy? You may think twice once you see what you would have to ride! The Professional Bull Riders stampeded into the New York Stock Exchange yesterday and gave employees and traders a chance to see their animals up close. Fear not, these 2,000 pound bucking bulls posed for photos with our adventure-seeking staff from a safe distance inside their iron pens. 3 Hills, the black and white spotted bull, paced back and forth and pawed at the ground. Sonny's Pet, the larger and more intimidating bull, stood by stoically eyeing the crowd. Both were geared up and ready to perform at their debut in the ring today. Sonny the Handler, clad in a Cowboy hat and boots, said that these incredible animals are worth about $5,000 each. Each bull had a very distinctive personality and was more than capable of evoking fear into even the toughest cowboy.

After the excitement outside on Experience Square, the world’s premier bull riding organization rang the Closing Bell with the 2011 PBR World Champion Bull Rider, Silvano Alves, and CEO Jim Haworth. Today kicks off the 6th Annual Madison Square Garden Invitational and the 2012 Built Ford Tough Series season. The Professional Bull Riders are celebrating their 20th Anniversary with more than 100 million viewers annually.

Click here to see the Professional Bull Riders Closing Bell.

Want to see “the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports” for yourself? Tickets for January 6 – January 8, 2012 can be purchased here.