Business Case for Cloud

So let's say this cloud stuff really is the next big thing; how exactly can I help my firm take advantage of it?

Or how about this thought: I'm ready to take advantage of the benefits of the Capital Markets Community Platform (NYSE Euronext's Cloud) but I need help in making the case to Management/Board of Directors.

If you're familiar with either of those scenarios then you're like many of the Executives we've spoken to over the past months. We listened as clients struggled with how best to approach cloud computing in general and decided to help come up with a solution.

Today we announced the Capital Markets Community Platform Advisory Service - a consulting engagement for financial services firms to help review their IT infrastructure by analyzing application workloads, their trust requirements and their economic costs, to provide empirical data on which are most suited to moving to the cloud and what benefits and what savings a firm will likely gain by doing so.



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You can read most about it in our Press Release and in the Product Brochure on our web site.

Join us in the cloud - it's brighter up here,