Sep 14 2012 | 10:56 AM


  • NYSE Euronext statement regarding settlement agreement with SEC - NYX
  • Yesterday’s Fed-inspired rally saw the highest trading volume since June 1.  That ain’t saying much, though. – MarketBeat
  • Photos: NYSE trading floor reacts to Fed announcement – AP, AP
  • What’s your stock exchange doing to protect the environment? Here’s some of what NYSE Euronext is up to – NYX,...
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Sep 7 2012 | 10:33 AM
David Packard--Groundbreaking

David Packard (Photo: USUHSPAO)

Buddy Holly statue on the Walk of Fame...
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Aug 31 2012 | 1:55 PM
English: The New York Stock Exchange on August...

"Something powerful and patriotic" - Photo: Wikipedia

  • SEC agenda for market-technology roundtable – SEC
  • NY Fed: Short-selling bans don’t work – MarketBeat...
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Aug 28 2012 | 2:24 PM
Wildwood New Jersey

Wildwood, N.J. Photo: harmonica pete

Here’s a catching-up-after-vacation edition of NYX 360.  There’s still a bit of Wildwood, N.J. sand in your humble blogger’s gears.

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