NYX 360: 7 November, 2011

Marie Curie (born Maria Salomea Skłodowska), N...

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  • NYSE member Patrick Armstrong tackles NYC Marathon, without stomach -- Fox Sports
  • Joy Global to switch to NYSE from Nasdaq – TheStreet.com
  • Pacific Drilling to list IPO on NYSE - Pacific Drilling
  • Scott Cutler: You’ve got two exchanges in a heated battle” – FT
  • John Bates: Humans are at fault, not algos – Huffington Post
  • Columbia U. student named America’s best student trader – NYX
  • NYSE switches middleware application interface to open source – ComputerWorld
  • Scenes from a trading floor -- AP
  • Occupy Wall Street not the only people tweeting from Wall Street – Wired News
  • “We also pondered what iconic building would bring the best experience for a battle [in “Modern Warfare 3”] and decided on the NYSE.” – NY Post
  • Howard Pyle on the rush from the stock exchange, 1873 – The Thinking Housewife
  • On a Monday, here’s a pretty photo from Tom Doyle, “Pasture in Autumn” – CornwallonHudson.com
  • On this date in 1911, Marie Curie (pictured) became the first multiple Nobel Prize winner when she was given the award for chemistry eight years after garnering the physics prize with her late husband, Pierre. (She remains the only woman with multiple Nobels and the only person to receive the award in two science categories.)  Here’s the NYT obituary on the life of this remarkable woman.

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