NYX 360: 6 May, 2011

NetQin’s stock fell following IPO, but CFO is focused on strategic value of NYSE listing – Dealbook/NYT

Make it easier for small companies to go public and create jobs - WSJ

On the Exchange blog:
White House to Ramp Up Push for Corporate Income Tax Cut
Deliveries on NYSE Liffe U.S.
Morning Report: May 6, 2011

A cache of flash crash anniversary coverage -  Bloomberg, FT Trading Room,  FT Trading Room, Crain’s, CNBC

Hey, we made the Fortune 500 (we’re 495, but I’ll take it!) - Fortune
-- 84 percent of the 500 are listed on NYSE, and Fortune is coming in to ring the bell - NYX

Have a good weekend, folks, and here’s hoping that every mother gets all the love she deserves on Mother’s Day this Sunday (and every other day of the year)!

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