NYX 360: 10 October, 2011

The Tuxedo

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  •  The five players to watch in the future of exchanges – WSJ
  • Customer communications restored, trading system normal following isolated fire at NYSE Euronext data center – NYX; WSJ; Data Center Knowledge;PC World
  • Young entrepreneurs to ring NYSE bell today – Providence Journal
  • The ups and downs of IPOs -- WSJ
  • Shorting bans aren’t much use – FT Alphaville
  • Beam Inc., a 216-year-old startup -- Portfolio
  • Does high-speed trading hurt the small investor? – WSJ
  • Progress on trading speed has slowed, says Larry Leibowitz -- WSJ
  • Clamping down on high-speed trading -- NYT
  • The trouble with ETF trading in Europe -- WSJ
  • Scenes from a trading floor -- Bloomberg
  • Lower Manhattan is the center of what’s new – Miami Herald

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