Login People® (NYSE-Euronext Listed PARIS MLLP), a French challenger on strong authentication market, visits the NYSE to celebrate the launch of his new Digital DNA Server. President and CEO François-Pierre Le Page and his team ring The Opening BellSM.

Login People® is the creator of the Digital DNA Technology®. The company supplies an innovative strong authentication solution in order to secure the access of users to public and private networks (Extranet, VPN SSL, webmail, etc.). The Digital DNA Technology® allows users to authenticate themselves with "what they know" (a PIN code) and "what they own" (their own equipment such as their computer, smartphone or USB key). The user chooses the equipment he wishes to use for authentication. LOGIN PEOPLE® provides a technological answer to the weakness of the "Login / Password" and solves the issues related to identity theft, password sharing and personal or sensitive data theft on every networks.

For more information about Login People, visit www.loginpeople.com.