Tawfik Mounayer of Tribune Standard Marks the End of New York Fashion Week

Fashion designer, Tawfik Mounayer of Tribune Standard visits the NYSE to mark the end of New York Fashion Week. The designer, who presented his latest Fall 2012 collection at Pier 59 Studios earlier this week, is accompanied to the Closing Bell ceremony by models wearing select looks from his latest collection. In honor of the occasion, Tawfik Mounayer rings The Closing BellSM, and donates clothing and head scarves in his signature prints to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His own mother succumbed to Leukemia in 1994 and his donation will benefit women who are battling the disease. 

About Tribune Standard

Mounayer launched Tribune Standard one year ago after a decade of working as a senior designer for some of America's most recognizable sportswear brands. The name Tribune Standard refers to a platform from which a speaker may address an audience and a level of quality or attainment.  The brand aims to educate consumers on where their clothing is produced and why, it is Mounayer’s goal to make beautiful clothes in the most responsible way. Tribune Standard has formed a partnership with a Bolivian women’s knitting cooperative to produce many of the brand’s hand knit sweaters and work with a team of local pattern makers and artisans located right here in New York City.