PROS Holdings, Inc. Visits the NYSE

PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE-Listed PRO) visits the NYSE for the company's North American Pricing Summit. In honor of the occasion, President and CEO Andres Reiner rings The Closing BellSM.

About PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO)

PROS (NYSE: PRO) is a leading provider of prescriptive pricing and revenue management software for companies in the manufacturing, distribution, services and travel industries.  PROS gives customers far greater confidence and agility in their pricing strategies by providing data-driven insights into transaction profitability, forecasting demand, recommending optimal prices for each product and deal, and streamlining pricing processes with enhanced controls and compliance. With more than $465 billion in revenues under management, PROS has implemented more than 500 solutions in more than 50 countries. The PROS team comprises more than 540 professionals, including 100 with advanced degrees and 25 with Ph.D.s.


PROS operates globally, with world headquarters in Houston and European headquarters in London.

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