Pharma Tech Player iBio Lists on NYSE Amex

iBio, Inc. (NYSE Amex-Listed IBIO) visited the NYSE. In honor of the occasion, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Kay rang The Closing BellSM.

About iBio, Inc. (NYSE Amex: IBIO)

iBio, a leader in the plant-made pharmaceutical field, develops and offers pharmaceutical product applications using its iBioLaunch™ platform. The iBioLaunch platform is a proprietary, transformative technology for biologics including monoclonal antibodies, other therapeutic proteins and vaccines. It uses proprietary, transient gene expression in unmodified green plants instead of materials such as chicken eggs, mammalian and insect cells, transgenic plants, and human blood plasma required by other systems, to produce important biologic pharmaceuticals. Advantages over other systems include speed, economy, flexibility and safety. The platform has demonstrated:  success with products difficult or impossible to produce by other methods; rapid development and validation of modular, scalable (and optionally robotic) multi-product manufacturing facilities; production time measured in weeks instead of months or more; and practically unlimited surge capacity for remedial action against bioterrorism and pandemic disease. Additional benefits include product entry unconstrained by traditional process patents and significantly lower capital and operating costs for comparable production.  Further information is available at