Collaborating on Job Growth: The NYSE Big StartUp

Today, NYSE Euronext launched an exciting new program that we believe will have a large impact – The NYSE Big StartUp, a nationwide jobs-growth initiative designed to connect young companies and entrepreneurs with corporate America. You can read the press release, check out The Big StartUp web page or watch a video to learn more about it. In collaboration with our non-profit partners, ACCION, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and The StartUp America Partnership, we are calling on the nation’s corporate community to lend its support. The NYSE Big StartUp will offer a unique, comprehensive approach to promoting growth through small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs, helping to promote the increased demand for goods and services that these growing companies need, while also mobilizing the corporate sector to contribute knowledge, expertise and funding where it can be critical to job creation. Every successful big business started out small – and the success of today’s small businesses are critical to our collective economic future.

From a CR perspective, this program is exciting not only because it involves companies doing something positive for their communities, but also because of the collaborative approach it takes. At NYSE Euronext, we have a unique connection to thousands of the world’s leading companies. Given this community of companies, we are working to make CR mean “Collaborative Responsibility”. We believe that collective efforts at solving our most important challenges can have a much greater impact than those of any single company or organization. Many companies want to help promote job growth and economic development. Many already have terrific programs to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start ups. Others are searching for effective ways to channel those intentions. The NYSE Big StartUp is designed to amplify and build upon existing efforts and provide a way to turn the best intentions into effective action. It will involve a series of events throughout the country to provide training, mentoring and procurement opportunities to growing businesses – and big companies throughout the country will participate as hosts and their employees as mentors and trainers. Our online platform will connect big companies with new potential smaller suppliers, benefitting both. In addition, we have established the Accion NYSE Job Growth Fund and invite other companies to make non-profit donations to help small businesses grow – and grow jobs. We hope that this program will not only have a big impact on job growth, but that it will serve as a new collaborative model that we can use to address a wide range of other issues that are critical to our communities – and to responsible companies.

Links to more information: Press release, Web page and Video