Say on Pay and Other Top Proposals Starting Off Proxy Season

Over the past few days, CNBC's Mary Thomson spoke about how things are heating up during this year's proxy season. She noted that top shareholder proposals to date focus on: majority voting, political contributions, and risk management and disaster preparedness (particularly in terms of energy companies).
So far, only a few companies have had their non-binding say on pay proposals fail, although annual meeting season is really just kicking off.  Ms. Thompson said there is a real question about how useful these votes will be for companies. Will a failed vote by itself tell a company what their investors are unhappy about or want changed (e.g. CEO pay, stock option grants, poor performance, etc.)? On-going, proactive investor outreach is the only way to really understand how investors feel and why they vote as they do.
Shareholders are proving they are not shy about exercising their vote.  One clue into what your peers are doing and how investors feel about say on pay and frequency of say on pay can be found on, a site where annual meeting activity on these proposals is being tracked.  Take a look, and stay informed in advance of your meeting.