O Tannenbaum!

Audrey Green writes about merry-making at the NYSE in Party at the NYSE:  A Community Affair

The NYSE Christmas tree has been making spirits bright on Broad Street for 88 years—a tradition that continues today. See Thea's post.

The first tree was erected in 1923, a joint effort between the New York Stock Exchange and area residents. An early press release by former NYSE Chairman Edward D. Cray explains:

“This Christmas observance, represented by the lighted tree and musical programme, is truly a community affair.

“It is made possible by the volunteer services of electricians, carpenters, and other employees of the buildings in the financial district, under the direction of a committee composed of superintendents, managers, personnel directors, and others.

“Necessary expenses are met by limited contributions from tenants of these buildings, who have responded most freely to the appeal.

“Every worker in the Wall Street district can share the feeling that this is their tree and celebration.”

Festivities have long included local choirs and a ceremonial lighting on Broad Street outside of the Exchange.


NYSE Euronext now foots the bill for the holiday celebration (and pays all parties involved!), but it continues to be a community event. Over the years, the tree has become such a fixture of Wall Street that it has inspired more than one artist’s rendering:

This year, on December 6, an afternoon of free musical performances from local talent, youth clubs, and megawatt celebrities will be accompanied by free hot cocoa for the whole community. And in the spirit of tradition, we hope you join us!