Q2 IPO Review

In spite of volatility and swings in the major indices, IPO issuance in Q2 has been robust, with 44 deals raising $13.4B.

Here is a summary of the trends in the Q2 IPO market:

  • Flow was dominated by technology, with more tech IPOs in Q2 2011 (22 or 50% of the total) than in any quarter since Q4 2000.
  • Venture-backed deals priced and have performed strongly, outperforming non-venture deals.
  • In spite of volatility in the markets, the backlog, and particularly the technology backlog remains strong. Most recently, internet gaming company, Zynga, Inc., filed for an IPO with proceeds up to $1B.
  • NYSE continued to have superior market share in tech IPOs relative to the competition for the fourth quarter in a row.

For a more in depth analysis of the Q2 2011 IPOs, see here.