2011 has seen four venture-backed tech IPOs

In spite of the recent barrage of winter storms on the East coast, venture-backed companies have still found ways to stay warm in New York.  Following on the heels of Demand Media’s successful IPO, NeoPhotonics, a recent venture-backed IPO, opened this morning at $17.83, a 62% premium to its February 1 IPO price of $11.00.  So far there have been four venture-backed tech IPOs in 2011, and on average they are up 21%.

2011 carries with it strong momentum from 2010, which saw 72 venture-backed IPOs in 2010.  60 of these raised proceeds over $40mm representing 40% of all U.S. IPOs of that size.  The momentum was particularly strong in the latter half of the year with one-third of these larger IPOs coming in the 4th quarter.

In a January 28th interview with Bloomberg former NVCA Chairman, Dixon Doll, predicted 80 to 85 venture-backed IPOs for 2011.  Currently there are over 20 venture-backed companies that have filed for an IPO.  Nearly half of these are in the Internet sub sector, including names such as LinkedIn, the professional networking site.