Taco Bell Gets it Right

Without taking sides in the Taco Bell lawsuit, I think the company deserves some recognition for their use of social media to get their message out.  Corporations today are all trying to figure out how best to harness the power of Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.  We all want to be able to use those sites to connect with our stakeholders, customers and potential investors, but understanding how viral marketing really works can be difficult.  Unless you’re Taco Bell.  They seem to understand perfectly how to get attention, specifically the kind of attention they want.

Here are some lessons from their playbook:

  1. Buy Keywords on Search Engines.  If you type in the words “taco,” “taco bell” or “taco bell lawsuit” on Google, Yahoo or Bing today, Taco Bell’s official statement is the first link to come up. 
  2. Make a Video.  Taco Bell President, Greg Creed, stars in the company’s video which is posted on their website as well as on YouTube (same search rules from above apply).   
  3. Create a Web Page.  Dedicate it to the information you want to convey, make it multi-media, super easy to use and provide plenty of links to get there (again, see search engine rules above). 
  4. Get It All on Facebook.  With over 600 million users worldwide, it’s the most concentrated audience available.  What better place to tell the world what you believe in?
  5. Tweet.  Taco Bell is an avid user of Twitter and tweeted their message several times to followers.
  6. Don’t Ignore Traditional Media Channels.  There’s still a large portion of the population that buys newspapers (Taco Bell took out ads in 9 national publications) and many of those old fashioned readers will turn around and blog about what they see.   

While this is admittedly an extreme example, the company deserves credit for making good use of the tools available and meeting their intended audience on their own turf.