Six Uncertainties in Today’s Business Environment

The Age of Uncertainty

The Age of Uncertainty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We recently hosted a webinar with French Caldwell, VP and Gartner Fellow at Gartner Inc, on strategic decision making and how companies can navigate risks in the new ‘ab’normal world.  As Caldwell pointed out, there is nothing normal about today’s environment which is riddled with an erosion of trust, regulatory failures and increasing demands for accountability. 

Caldwell listed six key uncertainties in our current environment that affect strategic planning:

  1. Trust in the Connected Economy – ethics, confidence and finance are all key components
  2. Pace of Globalization – not every participant is globalizing at the same speed
  3. The Nature of Warfare – asymmetric forces and cloud warfare have changed the game
  4. The Impact of Regulation – hot topics include transparency, e-discovery, liability and employment
  5. The Race for Resources – demand in the developing world is growing and we are testing the limits of current technology
  6. Social E-Governance – citizens and consumers have become empowered by social media


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