2012 EU Financial Market Reforms Explained

Financial transaction tax coming your way? A fresh squeeze on derivatives trading? A new assault on credit rating agencies? A clampdown on boardroom pay? All coming to Europe soon…

The EU will debate and decide an unprecedented volume of financial market reforms in 2012.  There is so much activity going on in the EU regulatory sphere, so many arguments and counter-arguments, it’s often hard to see the wood for the trees – even for the most experienced specialist in the sector. But today sees the launch of a new source of information, comment and analysis for the hard-pressed among us:

NYSE Euronext has set up a new channel on its website - www.nyx.com/eupolicy - dedicated to financial services regulatory policy in the European Union. It will provide legislators, policy makers, opinion formers and media with easy access to informed comment on and analysis of the key financial reforms debated across Europe. They no longer need to go scrabbling around searching for corporate insights: it’s all here in one place.

NYSE Euronext manages 8 million trades a day and is a leading advocate of clear and consistent rules to protect all market players. As markets expand so does the need for transparency and clarity. We believe that European legislation must aim to provide better protection to end investors, bring greater transparency to trading in all financial instruments, and tackle the growing fragmentation of the European interal market for capital.

Take a look at our new animated video on MiFID2, the proposed sweeping reforms of the original legislation on markets in financial instruments. And there’s more of this