NYX 360: 25 October, 2011

Game 6: Ray Knight (not pictured) scores the w...

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  • In volatile markets, exchanges’ share of trading rises while that of dark pools declines – MarketBeat
  • The IPO market, an engine of job growth, stalls -- AP
  • New Zealand, rugby and financial literacy – Annamaria Lusardi/Financial Literacy and Ignorance
  • Occupying a Wall Street of fewer banks and more condos - NPR
  • Merchants say protests throttle sales, threaten jobs – Bloomberg

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Here's one for all the hapless Met fans (are there any other kind) out there, and especially the Red Sox fans: Today is the 25th anniversary of the Mets winning Game 6 of the World Series after an easy ground ball went through the legs of the Sox’ Bill Buckner.  It was yet another gut-wrenching defeat for a franchise known for breaking the hearts of its fans. -  NYT

OK, I embellished that a bit.

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