mai 25 2012 | 10:10 AM

We have announced some changes to our Mahwah US Liquidity Center policies – here’s the link to the release.

It’s significant for the member firms who are already colocated in Mahwah, as they will be able to order their own fiber access into the facility for the first time, giving them more control and discretion over their colocation access and enabling them to more easily access other liquidity destinations.

This also represents a marked evolution of the traditional exchange colocation model, traditionally available to ‘members only’ and with restrictions in use and access. The changes will for the first time not only allow vendors and telco providers to operate within Mahwah, but will open up the facility to a broad spectrum of financial service providers. Helping to facilitate this, a few other policies have been relaxed, notably the introduction of cross-connects within the colocation hall, and the...

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sept 12 2011 | 9:48 AM

Following a report that we worked on with the A Team group report titled 'Demystifying Exchange Colocation', Tariq Rashid and I carried out a webinar to discuss the impact of next-generation trading infrastructure on the financial services landscape.

I will be posting further discussion around the themes and results of the polls we conducted here, so check back soon!

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