Tricorders in the Office

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How many of you carry two phones to work every day: your personal one for texting and Facebook (and any one of 100,000 other things your smart phone is capable of these days); your work one for corporate email (because that's all it's good for)? Well, VMworld finished last week (the interest we stirred up has kept me pegged for the last few days) but I think the most exciting announcement I heard is that VMware are close to having a hypervisor for the iPhone and Android.

With this capability, you'll be able to run two operating systems, securely separated from each other, on one phone. Hopefully this will mean IT will allow us dump the extra brick and yet still have all the functionality we're used to on our personal technology.

Meanwhile, here's a link to a discussion I had with Dave Vellante from Wikibon at The Cube at VMworld. The format is like that of commentators at a football game so I had a blast... and I even got to jam a different Star Trek reference there too!

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