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If we're currently each doing it alone, why not do it together?... develop the same software that is!

It's a basic tenet of business that if a firm invents a new and improved way of doing something, they should protect that method so they can maximize their return before other people copy it.  Of course, at a certain point the business landscape changes and what used to be a strength on its own could now be more valuable as part of a bigger solution.

Take online advertisements as an example: originally Yahoo! built out an impressive collection of content and services to attract many, many eyeballs, all seeing lots of ads, generating loads of revenue, of which Yahoo! kept 100% for themselves.  However the Internet waits for no one and a few years later, Google offered a simple way for any site to post Google Ads, from which Google kept a portion of the revenue.  Without acquiring or developing any content, they 'acquired' millions of web sites, each providing untold eyeballs, making for an exponentially larger revenue pie.

Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the market data world, the leading incumbent vendors developed closed APIs that netted them millions in revenue over the past twenty years.  As with Yahoo! though, that world has changed.  Late last year, NYSE Technologies brought together an outstanding group of clients and competitors, to take over and manage our (previously proprietary) API: OpenMAMA.  Under the auspices of The Linux Foundation (employers of Linus Torvalds and keepers of the Linux Kernel), OpenMAMA is reshaping the world of middleware and market data distribution.You can read a brief Q&A on why we did this at the web site and download the software from  Best of all, if you are really interested in why corporations contribute to the open source community, I'll be presenting to the Linux Foundation's Collaboration Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 3rd at 10:45am Pacific time.  A video feed will be broadcast live on the Internet at this link.  (Note the time which will be 1:45pm Eastern – 6:45pm in the UK).  

We'll also be hosting the Linux Foundation End User Summit at the New York Stock Exchange on April 30th and May 1st, so if you're involved in open source software then this is the event for you.

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