TedxWallStreet @ NYSE Euronext

Tedx Wall Street and Ideas Worth Spreading gather at the New York Stock Exchange

Sometimes, all it takes is an idea—one that can revolutionize an industry, contradict preconceived notions, and, perhaps most importantly, make the world a better tomorrow than it is today. This is a simple concept that sometimes in our busy world gets lost. Here at NYSE Euronext, CEO Duncan Niederauer fuses this concept along with collaboration, thinking broadly, innovation and engagement throughout our work experience. As a big fan of TED, I was delighted that NYSE Euronext was the gathering point for the first ever TedxWallStreet conference and an exchange for open forum ideas.

COO of NYSE Euronext, Larry Leibowitz, kicked off the day by welcoming attendees and host Stephanie N. Mehta, Executive Editor at FORTUNE. Larry reflected on the NYSE’s roots, the Buttonwood Agreement of May 17, 1792, and how throughout the Exchange’s long history we have made innovation and reinvention an ongoing focus and have always strived to be a thought leader on behalf of financial markets and our community of listed companies.

The first speaker Dan Tapscott (best-selling author of Macrowikinomics) called for a culture of integrity, collaboration and transparency to become a societal and Wall Street norm. He made the analogy that new technologies were rendering us all naked and that we all needed to workout.

Michelle Rhee gave us a rare insiders look into the inner workings of public education. Her data was often shocking and her message rudimentary: better correlations between spending and achievement are critical.

Jeff Stewart discussed the use of high technology to crowd source and how technology was enabling the process to get back to the fundamentals of reputation management and transparency.

Alexa von Tobel brought this back to basics idea further home and discussed the role personal finance plays in the American economy. She also encouraged the media to turn this problem into entertainment as has been done with the personal health crisis. Sounds crazy but the World’s Biggest Loser is making money putting good habit into the American conscience.

The day continued with Scott Shay addressing a familiar Wall Street topic: banking structure, followed by Matt Gould lighting up the stage and demonstrating how entertainment is a powerful vehicle for electrifying the world.

You could not have a Wall Street discussion without thoughts on a more effective way of taxation (Doug Daschle) or how to change protest by actually capitalize and to utilize the concept of microfinance.

The day ended on a power note with Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of Priceline.com, handing out his recipe for success and Venture Capitalist David Rose giving out tips for the career of the future.

With a maxed capacity of 300 live attendees, an unlimited number participating through the live event stream and a rapid global conversation on twitter the NYSE proudly can say It Happened Here.

Learn about the NYSE Big StartUp and follow the progress on Facebook. A nationwide jobs-growth initiative designed to connect young companies and entrepreneurs with corporate America, has been launched by NYSE Euronext in collaboration with Accion, Entrepreneurs' Organization.

Enjoy the Exchange!

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