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Parasnand Madho
11 Aug, 2011 | 08:18 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading down 93 points and S&P futures are trading down 12 points after yesterday's selloff that drove the Dow down 4.6 percent and sent the S&P plunging 4.4 percent. Global markets have stabilized a little following a fourth day of bond buying by the ECB. The central bank has been vigorously buying Italian bonds to prevent the sovereign debt crisis from spreading to Italy and Spain. However, traders are concerned the European banking system could be faced with a financial crisis similar to the meltdown that hit Lehman and Bear Stearns in 2008. ...
3 Aug, 2011 | 04:24 PM
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Just a reminder that the current circuit breaker pilot program is scheduled to be extended effective Monday, August 8 to cover all NMS stocks, including the remaining ETPs which were not in the original phase of the pilot. It’s important to note that this extension of the circuit breaker pilot program is separate from the limit up/limit down mechanism which is currently under consideration by the SEC. ...