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Parasnand Madho
14 Sep, 2011 | 08:04 AM
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Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr ...
Parasnand Madho
13 Sep, 2011 | 08:06 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading down 53 points and S&P futures are trading down 6 points after optimism faded that China would purchase Italian bonds. Italy would still require a long term solution to solve its debt crisis. Worries over French banks exposure to sovereign debt and a Greek default is weighing on financial markets. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said Europe is doing all it can to prevent Greece from a default. If Greece is allowed to exit the Euro zone, it would cause a domino effect in the region. ...
Courtney Raio
12 Sep, 2011 | 05:38 PM
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Markets closed higher in volatile trading over fears Moody’s will downgrade the credit rating of French banks, including BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, and Credit Agricole. At the lows of the day, the Dow was down 167 points as the ECB does not seem to agree on a solution for Greece's debt problem. CNBC reports Germany was about to bail out its banks and leave the sovereigns to the ECB. ...
Parasnand Madho
12 Sep, 2011 | 08:05 AM
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Parasnand Madho
8 Sep, 2011 | 08:03 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading down 21 points and S&P futures are trading down 4 points following Wednesday's sharp increase in equities. The ECB and the Bank of England have voted to maintain interest rates, halting its rate tightening cycle to support global economic growth. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be speaking to the Minnesota Economic Club in Minneapolis. The Chairman is not expected to announce any new quantitative easing program. However, some traders think Bernanke may provide a hint at further easing steps to stimulate the economy. ...