Mother of Mercy, Is This the End of NYX 360?


This is nothing as dramatic as “Little Caesar,” but your humble blogger is putting NYX 360 on ice for now.  (BTW, is that the greatest death scene ever filmed, or what?)

The 360 started as an offshoot of my main blog stream, back when I was really blogging, not just aggregating.  I used the 360 as an occasional “extra,” to highlight news that I didn’t have time to discuss in a substantive way.  What with the growth of this company and the firehose of coverage in and around it, the 360 became more frequent, then just about daily.

Over time, a couple of things happened.

One, I found myself focusing on the 360 almost to the exclusion of more substantive posts, which are my first love.  On the 360 I’ve been listing lots of topics that merit greater attention, but I haven’t had time to explore them further.  The tail has come to wag the dog.

Two, more and more of my colleagues have joined the Exchanges blog or have started Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn platforms that have begun to tell the story of our company, strategy and people.  For years I had been wishing aloud for that, and now it’s happening.  The monolithic-blogger model is being superseded by our experts talking about what they know.  Lisa Dallmer on market quality in Europe, and Colin Clark and Steven Poser on related subjects in the U.S.  Elena Patimova on NYSE Liffe commodities derivatives.  NYSE Arca and NYSE Liffe U.S. tweeting market updates, and our MAC desk doing that on video.  Jacob Howard has our NYSE Technologies community quite literally LinkedIn, not to mention Facebook-ed.  Happily, there are dozens of other examples.

Lastly, thanks to the work of my colleague Audrey Green, our blog posts are now posting on Facebook and Twitter automatically, so there’s less need for me to re-blog those posts on NYX 360 and tweet them.  You can now follow and talk with us on a number of different platforms and subjects.   Memo to self:  Post a social directory.

Me, I plan to follow Ernest Schackelton’s advice: “A man must shape himself to a new mark directly the old goes to ground.”  I think I can be of greater value blogging original content rather than just aggregating news.  After all, there’s no shortage of aggregation out there.  You’ll still be able to follow me on Twitter or by signing up for the e-mail list for my Open Interest blog posts.

I feel happily obsolesced in my old chief-blogger role, and freed up to explore things in greater depth, which I’ll do on my Open Interest blog,  picking my spots.  I also feel validated.  The seed planted with the old HybridTalk blog back in 2005 -- the idea of conducting an open conversation with our community about things that matter to them -- has taken root with scores of colleagues who are engaging in ways and places I never imagined.  Look  forward to continuing to be part of that conversation.