A Little Help, Please? What Should I Say to the InvestWrite Winners?

On Monday, 18 July, high-school and middle-school winners of the national InvestWrite competition will be at NYSE for an educational tour and program.  I've been given the honor of talking informally with the group that afternoon.  I was thinking about what to discuss with them, and a thought occurred to me:

You're all in the business in some way; why not ask you?

So the comment box below is yours.  Some suggestions are already popping in via my Twitter stream. 

Some background about InvestWrite to help you:  the program is a component of the Stock Market Game, in which students get to try out their financial ideas, knowledge and skills by "investing" make-believe cash in competition with thousands of other students.  The NYSE Euronext Foundation is a sponsor of the Game, which is run by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Foundation.   InvestWrite extends those lessons by encouraging students to articulate their learnings and ideas in essay form.  More background below.

So what do you think I should talk about with these bright young people?  Your ideas welcome in the comment box. Thanks and have a great weekend!

The following is excerpted from the website for the competititon:


Why should my students participate?
InvestWrite offers your students a chance to think critically and learn subject matter that easily answers the common question, “How can I use this in the real world?” Along with math, economics, language arts and other disciplines wrapped within the program, the premise of earning and investing money speaks clearly to all ages. The opportunity to win prizes ranging from computers to pizza parties to Wall Street "experiences" in New York City, gives them a tangible goal to shoot for.

How much additional time will I need to learn the InvestWrite curriculum?
Everything you need to know is on the website. Other than discussing the topics with your students and giving them a little direction, you’re done. InvestWrite is designed to enhance The Stock Market Game program without adding planning time to your current curriculum demands.


How many essays can I submit? 
You can submit six teacher-judged entries per qualified classroom and only one essay per student.

Is the contest free to enter?

Are there any special requirements for participating?
The only requirement is that you and your students must be participating in The Stock Market Game program in Spring 2011 and your class must have a valid team login ID and password.

With whom do my students compete?
InvestWrite offers a national competition component while allowing your students to compete as individuals with other students of the same level all over the country.

Do my students work in teams or individually?
Individually. Here’s a chance for students to take what they have learned as a member of their team and apply their critical thinking and writing skills individually.