NYX 360: 9 February, 2011

SmartPool welcomes Penson Financial Services to its dark trading community (NYX)

NYSE Euronext to launch a US futures market by March (FT)

Summit Hotel Properties prices NYSE IPO (MarketWatch)

BanColombia, Ecopetrol to join first annual Colombia Day at NYSE (NYX)

NYSE Amex at best price in top Nasdaq-listed issues (NYX)

Arcos Dorados preparing a U.S. listing, sources say (FT)

Scenes from Day 1 of Social Media Week, including confab at NYSE  (Social Media Week)

Clara Furse to head UK panel on high-frequency trading (FT Trading Room)

U.S. companies announce share buy-backs at fastest pace since fall of Lehman Brothers (FT)

S&P 500 is just points away from doubling its 666.79 intraday nadir reached in darkest days of financial crisis (WSJ)

Trestle in Winter.  Photo by Ross Miller (Cornwall Local)
This is the Moodna Viaduct, which my train crosses every day.  In winter, I’m on it before sunrise or after sunset, so it’s great to see it pictured in sunlight, and so beautifully.  It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter, but here comes the sun.