NYX 360: 2 June, 2011

NYSE Euronext offers condolences to family of Jean Peterbroeke, founder of the BEL 20 – MondoVisione

As goes the first day, so goes the month?  - MarketBeat
This month, let’s hope not.

SEC scrutinizing “flash” order ban for options, other options proposals - Traders

A comeback for local stock exchanges? – WSJ
I’m packing my lei for a gig at the Honolulu exchange!

Business-school research: Where to go for an IPO – The Economist

John Gapper looks at other ways to price Internet IPOs – FT

On the Exchanges blog:
Morning Report: June 2, 2011
Institutional Investor Kicks Off The Corporate Financial Executive Summit at NYSE
AdvisorShares and Cambria Investment Management to Visit the NYSE
Markets Down, Closing News 6/1/11

Scenes from a trading floor – Mark Connor/flickr

Reuters to create financial-news teams in NY and London – Talking Biz News

On this date in 1897, in one of the greatest quotes of all time, Mark Twain was quoted in the New York Journal as saying, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”  - NYT
Also, happy 70th birthday to the perennially excellent and under-appreciated Charlie Watts!

I knew our announcement of a new cloud-computing platform for the financial community would be big, but I had no idea.  I don’t mean to belabor the point, but I think this is important news, and it’s not every day we’re in the likes of both GigaOm and WSJ.  In no particular order:

NYSE Euronext fluffs financial cloud – Amazon for hedge fundsThe Register
NYSE Launching On-Demand Services for Trading Firms– Securities Technology Monitor
DATA POINTS: What’s in NYSE's Cloud?- Securities Technology Monitor
NYSE Technologies Launches Capital Markets Cloud Community Platform- Wall Street & Technology
NYSE Launches Cloud Platform for Traders– Data Center Knowledge
NYSE launches VMware-based cloud for financial firms– Network World
My new blog post on how NYSE's community platform is different, and why it's healthy for the future of cloud:- Mathew Lodge
The future of cloud and NYSE Euronext’s capital markets community platform– VMware Rethink IT blog
NYSE Technologies Announces Community Platform; IaaS Play for Capital Markets– A-Team Group
NYSE Technologies launches cloud platform– Financial Times
NYSE Euronext Builds Capital Markets Cloud– InformationWeek
NYSE announces financial services cloud– Computerworld
NYSE Announces New Cloud Partnership With EMC, VMware - WSJ
NYSE Euronext introduces 'cloud' platform - CNBC.com
NYSE unveils cloud computing for electronic trading- DatacenterDynamics 
NYSE Builds a Specialty Cloud for Financial Markets– GigaOm
NYSE Launching On-Demand Services For Trading Firms- Information Management
NYSE Euronext introduces ‘cloud’ platform– AP/Product Design & Development
NYSE launches VMware-based cloud for financial firms- Network World
NYSE Launches Cloud Platform for Traders- Data Center Knowledge
NYSE Euronext to offer trading in the cloud.- Finextra 
NYSE 'Cloud' Platform Targets Hedge Funds– FINalternatives
NYSE announces financial services cloud- ITworld.com 
NYSE Launches Cloud Based Platform for Financial Traders - Web Host Industry Review
NYSE launches first cloud platform in financial sector– Silicon ANGLE
A financial industry (if not a cross-industry) first!– Feargal O’Sullivan, NYSE Technologies
Introducing the NYSE Capital Markets Community Cloud– Ken Barnes, NYSE Technologies