NYX 360: 19 August, 2011

Bernard Baruch

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Morning Report: August 19, 2011– Parasnand Madho/Exchanges

Markets Lower, Closing News 8/18/11– Brian Hooguis/Exchanges

NYSE Liffe U.S. passes 100,000 in open interest in Mini MSCI Index futures – NYX

Explaining NYSE Rule 48 and circuit breakers, on MarketBeatand Gizmodo

Anxiety from market volatility may linger for years with investors– Bloomberg

Scenes from a trading floor – AP, Getty, Reuters

Reflecting on 8 years of “a daily dose of the crazy things we routinely find buried in the fine print”– footnoted

Born on this date in 1870: Bernard Baruch (pictured), American financier, adviser to U.S. presidents, and NYSE member - NYT

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