NYX 360: 11 May, 2011


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NYSE leading the battle for tech listings – Nicole Perlroth, Everything Ventured/Forbes

Kosmos Energy IPO expected to list on NYSE today – MarketWatch

RLJ Lodging Trust IPO also expected today – Reuters

Mary Schapiro weighs in on private-stock law – WSJ

At NYSE conference, Xerox says it’s focusing on business services – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Why commodities crashed, in 2,000 words – Felix Salmon/Reuters

EuroCCP creates clearing service to cut trading costs of Spanish stocks – Fundamentals

A trader’s take on the flash crash anniversary – Advanced Trading

Elsewhere on the Exchanges blog –

Morning Report: May 11, 2011

Boehner: Yes To Cuts, No To Tax Hikes

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Visits NYSE

Short Sale Restriction Implications for ETPs;

NYSE Euronext appoints Caroline Nico as head of European communications - NYX

On this date in 1888 was born the incomparable composer Irving Berlin (pictured) - NYT

The man knew a thing or two about the business of life:

From 'I'll Share It All With You” (Irving Berlin)

What is mine, dear, will be yours

When the sun shines and when it pours

Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall

Fifty-fifty in ev'rything

Haven't got much, even that much to my name

Fortune's door shut, can't get in, but just the same

My ear for music, my feet for dancing, my lips for kissing

I'll share it all with you

My sense of humor, my disposition, my rosy future

I'll share it all with you

Someday, honey, I'll have money

You know what that brings

Furs and diamond rings

And besides those things

There'll be

My ear for music, my feet for dancing, my lips for kissing

I'll share it all with you… 

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