20th Anniversary BEL 20

Brussels welcomes the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Didier Reynders to open the markets, in the presence of all the CEOs and/or Chairmen of the current BEL20 companies and Philippe Maystadt, the President of the European Investment Bank and former Minister of Finance. Jean Peterbroeck, the Chairman of Petercam and 'spiritual father' of the index, also participates at this Bell Ceremony.

The BEL 20 index was launched on 18 March 1991 with a base value of 1,000 on December 31, 1990. The BEL 20 index is an example of a new generation of indices containing a limited basket of representative stocks. With a sample of 20 stocks, it is designed to be representative of the entire market and to act as a real-time indicator of the local market trend. At the same time, it is a tradable and simple instrument allowing investors to hedge the entire Belgian market.

The current BEL 20 constituents are: AB InBev, Ackermans & van Haaren, Ageas, Befimmo, Bekaert, Belgacom, Cofinimmo, Colruyt, Delhaize Group, Dexia, GBL, GDF Suez, KBC Group, Mobistar, Compagnie Nationale de Portefeuille, Omega Pharma, Solvay, Telenet Group, UCB and Umicore.

NYSE Euronext celebrates the 20th anniversary of the BEL 20 with Bell Ceremonies organized across its European markets : Amsterdam, Brussels, Portugal and Paris.