Payroll Works winner FD Gazelles Award

Payroll Works, the winner of the FD Gazelles Award, opens the trading week at NYSE Euronext. Julius Kousbroek, Managing Director of Payroll Works, sounds the gong. This week Het Financieel Dagblad presented the eighth annual FD Gazelles Awards to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

The FD Gazelles ranking is based on published turnover figures over the past three years. They are awarded to the fastest growing companies in each province in three turnover categories: small (100,000 - 2 million euros), medium (2 million - 30 million euros) and large (companies with a turnover of over 30 million euros). This year's national winner of the award for the fastest growing company in the top 100 (companies with more than 250 employees) went to Payroll Works in Amsterdam. The Source, the company of Maurits van Oranje and Felix van der Houwen, works together with Payroll Works.