Opening of the Spieren voor Spieren SMA Expertise centre

The official signing of the agreement regarding the formation of the SMA Expertise Centre in Utrecht will take place during the gong ceremony, in the presence of the Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for Muscles) Foundation, doctors from the centre and business partners.

Recent developments and the integration of a number of experts from the University Medical Centre and the Hubrecht Institute, have created a unique opportunity for research into new treatment methods for the muscular disease SMA. SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) is one of the most common causes of childhood mortality. It causes muscular paralysis of the arms, legs and respiratory system. There are currently no drugs to treat or cure SMA, and care is limited to supporting patients and parents as the disease progresses. Joost Wijnhoud, director of Spieren voor Spieren, sounds the gong.