Dec 4 2013 | 4:46 AM

The winners of the 2013 World Solar Challenge and DSM’s Innovation Team celebrate the results of their joint venture. Marlies Hak, Team Leader Nuna 7, sounds the gong and opens trading.

During the biennial World Solar Challenge, solar racing teams drive 3,000 kilometers through the Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide in sun-powered cars. 40 teams from 23 countries participated in the 2013 edition of the event. DSM, listed on Euronext, is the team’s innovation partner, advising and assisting students at the Technical University of Delft during the development and construction of Nuna 7, the winning solar car.

DSM and the Nuon Solar Team are proud of their cooperation with the students, who spent an entire academic year on the project. DSM provided knowledge, sustainable and innovative materials as well as hand-on support. The...

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Dec 3 2013 | 4:40 AM

Dutch Paralympic skier Kees-Jan van der Klooster sounds the gong for the NSGK foundation on the UN International day of persons with disabilities.

This specific UN Day is held annually on December 3rd to focus on issues that affect people with disabilities worldwide. NSGK is the Dutch foundation for disabled children and adolescents and Kees-Jan is one of their so-called Famous Friends. Children with disabilities face many challenges and barriers in their daily lives. That’s why they are often excluded from ordinary activities. NSGK aims to remove these barriers and facilitate the participation of these children and youngsters. With the support of over 40,000 private donors en 10,000 volunteers NSGK supports hundreds of initiatives that enable children with disability to play, learn, work, relax and live like their...

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Dec 2 2013 | 4:33 AM

As an inspired 9-year-old Jip Maathuis wanted to do something for charity. He started selling chocolate letters for War Child. 500 letters, was the plan. He sold 10,000 that year. In the meantime he raised approximately 170,000 euro’s for War Child, an organization that helps children affected by war.

Jip sounds the gong together with War Child director Bernard Uyttendaele. Not as the little boy that wants to sell 500 letters, but as the 16-year-old entrepreneur that wants to sell 50,000. Because every sold letter means one more euro for War Child and during his trip to Uganda he has seen and experienced where it’s invested. Children are provided with education and learn to deal with the effects of armed conflict. The chocolate letters can be ordered until Monday afternoon at 12:00.

For more information:...

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Nov 29 2013 | 4:45 AM

Louise van Deth, executive director of STOP AIDS NOW!, sounds the gong to highlight Worlds Aids Day.

On World Aids Day on Sunday 1 December, STOP AIDS NOW! will launch a campaign in Amsterdam in remembrance of all of the children who have died since the start of the HIV epidemic. The purpose of the campaign is to raise money to fund life-saving treatment for children with HIV.

Around the world, 3.3 million children suffer from HIV, over 90 percent of whom live in Africa. 66 percent of all children with HIV do not receive such treatment at this moment, even though it exists. STOP AIDS NOW! wants to ensure that all children who need it have access to treatment. Lives can be saved by testing children on time, sending them to the appropriate healthcare centres and ensuring that they receive and continue to receive the...

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