Dec 27 2013 | 5:34 AM

Witte Bedjes Het Parool foundation sounds the gong to highlight the Happy2Move project.

The foundation raises money for children who are sick, handicapped, or in need of some other form of help. The money is made available to non-profit organisations working with sick or handicapped children in and around Amsterdam. The fund is primarily intended for relatively small, tangible projects that do not receive any other form of subsidy. This year the foundation is supporting the Happy2Move project.

The Happy2Move project provides after-school care to mentally or physically handicapped children between the ages of 4 and 20. The activities it organises after school and during teacher workshops and vacations are based on healthy lifestyles, emphasizing sports, healthy eating and enjoying recreation. To promote healthy eating, the...

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Dec 24 2013 | 5:10 AM

Speelgoedbank Amsterdam sounds the gong for a very successful first year.

Many children in Amsterdam grow up in poverty. For these children, it is not part of their normal lives to visit a toy store. Growing up in poverty has clear implications, not only materially but also emotionally and socially. Speelgoedbank Amsterdam collects toys, both new and used. Children growing up in poverty can visit Speelgoedbank Amsterdam four times a year. At each visit, they can choose two toys and a book from the store. This way Speelgoedbank Amsterdam builds a bridge between surplus and deficit, recycles toys and lets children shine.

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Dec 23 2013 | 4:42 AM

Sterrenfonds ambassador Barbara Barend sounds gong for all the children in the Netherlands, who are in a disadvantaged position. Whether it is because of living in poverty, being seriously ill or having been placed out of home. With great attention we have to take responsibility for them, who are our future.

Over the past month, Sterrenfonds enabled 12,000 children to fully experience their childhood with a unique cinema event, a Santa Claus show and Children's Christmas Boxes. In 2012, Sterrenfonds ambassador Frans Bauer sounded the gong, concluding the Children's Christmas Boxes for over 600 seriously ill children and children in poverty. This year ambassador Barbara Barend visits Euronext for the ending the December activities for 12,000 children.

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Dec 20 2013 | 4:40 AM

Deputy mayor of Uden municipality, René Peerenboom, sounds the gong as the winner of the Deloitte Kordes Award 2013.

The Deloitte Kordes Award is awarded since 1995 for the public organization with the best annual report. The objective of the award is to continuously improve reporting on performance and accountability of (semi) public organizations. According to the jury Uden municipality is this year's convincing winner: "The annual report meets all jury criteria and excels in risk reporting and in style and communication. Additionally, the municipality has made the annual report available digitally and is herewith setting an example for other organizations." Last year, Uden Municipality participated for the first time and immediately became the winner in the category of Local Government."

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