The Union League Club Celebrates 150 Years at the NYSE

On Friday, March 8 executives from The Union League Club,   will visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to commemorate the Club's 150th anniversary.

To mark the occasion, Club President David Mathus will ring The  Closing Bell.

About The Union League Club:

The Union League Club, located in its fourth Clubhouse on East 37th Street in Manhattan, marks its 150th anniversary this year. Established during the Civil War by a group of leading citizens who supported the preservation of the Union and the policies of President Lincoln, the Club and its members have helped to establish numerous civic, cultural, and military institutions. In addition to the many Presidents, Cabinet members, Justices and Governors who were members, notable achievements of the Club and its active members include organizing the 20th, 26th and 32nd regiments during the Civil War, enabling the first Thanksgiving meal for the armed services of the United States, organizing the Metropolitan Museum of Art, leading the City’s Police Department, helping to organize its Fire Department, leading the American Committee for the Statue of Liberty, helping to bring down Boss Tweed’s “Tammany Hall”, leading the American Red Cross and founding the International Federation of Red Cross Societies, still today the world’s largest humanitarian organization. The Club supports and hosts the Achilles Team of Wounded Veterans, members of the US Military and their families when they come to compete in the New York City Marathon and the Hope and Possibility Race in Central Park.