Options Industry Conference Kicks Off

The 30th Annual Options Industry Conference kicked off today with updates from the various options exchanges and industry committees. Several hours, many speakers and many more acronyms later (STP, QIP, VIP, ORF, NBBO, STA, WFE to name just a few) participants wandered into the bright lights of the Exhibit Hall to compare notes on their takeaways from the updates. From the exchange side of the equation the common theme seemed to be pricing initiatives, new product development, new technology enhancements. Representing the exchanges we heard from the following:

- Peter Clifford on behalf of the World Federation of Exchanges
- Joe Bracco on behalf of BATS
- Patty Schuler represented BOX
- David Gray spoke on behalf of CBOE and C2
- Geralyn Endo gave the ISE update
- Stacey Cunningham spoke on behalf of NASDAQ and NASDAQ PHLX
- Bill Ryan represented NYSE Amex
- Todd Wilemon on behalf of NYSE Arca
Following the exchange updates, participants heard from various industry committees. Some common themes heard here were new growth opportunities, market structure issues, operational considerations presented by new products, and the regulatory landscape changes, challenges and opportunities presented by limit up/limit down, ORF, Dodd-Frank, newly proposed mini options, and daily options to name just a few. From the committees we heard from:
- Carolyn Mitchell from OCC
- Dan Busby from OCC on behalf of the OCC Roundtable - a group comprised of people with an operations focus
- Alan Grigoletto on behalf of OIC
- Jim Boyle represented the SIFMA Options Committee
- Jim Toes spoke on behalf of the Security Traders Association
- Joe Corcoran representing the OCC in the Washington office for Government Affairs
Having concluded the updates portion of the program, Bill Brodsky took the stage to present the Pioneering Spirit Award which is being awarded posthumously to Steve Fossett for his record of achievement in sports - he set 115 records in various fields such as sailing and ballooning - as well as his professional achievements in the options industry.
Tomorrows program features the ever popular Exchange Leaders Panel along with a host of other options specific content that will get covered in tomorrows blog post. Good bye for now from the 30th Annual Options Industry Conference.


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