Jun 15 2011 | 2:01 AM

Providing competitive intelligence from an IR perspective can add real value to your company according to a panel conducted at the NIRI Annual Conference. Frank Molina, Director of Investor Relations at Dell said the key is to prioritize the information you gather on both your company and peers so that you are providing management with timely, strategic insights that are impactful to the organization.

Molina had three takeaways from his experience at Dell:

  1. It’s all about the quality and relevance of the information.
  2. Look for opportunities to give unique insights that can impact strategy; providing news or data is not enough.
  3. You earn credibility and influence one interaction at a time. Done properly, this helps IR earn a “seat at the table.”

Tony Laday, VP Investor Relations, Treasury and Global Finance at Brinker International, said his goal for IR competitive intelligence is to provide insight that helps Brinker tell their story...

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