Apr 5 2013 | 11:00 AM
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Many management books and articles promise to help large corporations think and act like startups. There are different reasons well-established companies seek to tap entrepreneurial dreams—fresh ideas, technology and opportunities for growth are a few. The authors of “Community-Powered Problem Solving,” in the current issue of...

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Nov 29 2011 | 9:06 PM

On December 1 at the New York Stock Exchange: Deal makers discuss possibilities and pitfalls for deals in 2012. In this rapidly evolving yet skittish environment, what factors will sustain and accelerate the recent uptick in deal activity? What must Washington and Wall Street do, individually and collectively, to promote deals and reap the economic benefits they deliver? Where should dea lmakers be looking to do deals in 2012, domestically and globally, and what can they expect? Above all, what will it take to fuel the deal economy and ensure its activity continues its resurgence unhindered. 

All the above questions, topics and more will be addressed at The Deal LLC's...

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Nov 28 2011 | 5:12 PM

“What will be the major business drivers, strategic responses, and financial and cost priorities over the next year for US mid-sized firms? Will financing the corporation regain its spot as CFOs’ #1 main focus? What macroeconomic, governmental, and geopolitical issues will be tantamount? More importantly, what does this mean for companies? How is the globalization tidal wave impacting mid-market companies?”

Those are the questions being asked by Institutional Investor at their inaugural Mid-Market CFO Forum being held this week at the NYSE.  After tackling the ramifications of Dodd-Frank for non-financial companies and dinner in our Board Room on November 29th, mid-cap CFOs will reconvene for a full day of panels and roundtable discussions on November 30. 

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Apr 12 2011 | 5:02 PM


On April 4th, NYSE Global Chief Information Officer, Steve Rubinow addressed CEOs and Senior Sales Representatives from various private Technology companies to gain insight into financial service trends. Attendees included Aaron Cote - Bit9, Inc., Scott Barnett - Evident Software, Inc.,Warren Schuman - GigaSpaces Technologies, Inc., Rich Caruso - GlobalLogic, Inc, Rich Cohen & Vance McMurry - Renew Data Corp., Simon Lonsdale - RNA Networks, Inc., David Wright - SolidFire, Inc. and Matt Theurer - Virtustream, Inc.


The group visited the traded floor, networked and had valuable 1:1 meetings with senior executives within NYSE Technologies.


We spoke with Rich Cohen, President of RenewData about his impressions of the day.


NYSE Euronext: What did you think of the Tech Summit at the NYSE?


Rich Cohen: This was an unparalleled opportunity to have interactive sessions with senior executives...

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