NYSE Technologies Open Platform: Cost effectiveness

NYSE Technologies champions a radical and challenging approach to trading infrastructure by allowing any market data, application or middleware vendor to integrate with our Open Platform  to distribute content via the OpenMAMA and OpenMAMDA API’s on our ultra low latency Data Fabric middleware and other 3rd party technologies.

A core component of our Global Capital Markets Community strategy, the Open Platform delivers three key benefits to customers:

  • Premium data content and quality
  • Increased flexibility through vendor compatibility
  • Enhanced cost effectiveness

Continuing the recent blog posts focusing on these key themes and providing a little more depth on how they relate to our clients’ business, this post focuses on the third of those benefits; the data content information is here and flexibility here.

As market fragmentation continues and the number of trading venues and technology providers grow, firms’ market data environments become increasingly complex and therefore costly. Additionally messaging middleware sits at the lowest tier of the enterprise technology stack and typically forces users to adopt proprietary API’s, making it difficult, expensive and risky to modify adjacent systems and applications. However the purpose of these messaging API’s its simply to allow other applications to interface with that technology. OpenMAMA and OpenMAMDA provide open source implementations of these capabilities and more. OpenMAMA goes  further by simultaneously supporting multiple message oriented middleware and trading applications, allowing greater flexibility and significantly reducing the business risk and cost associated with switching middleware platforms or leveraging new innovations.

As open solutions, OpenMAMA allows the community to collaboratively develop an optimal solution rather than relying on proprietary alternatives that only partially address their requirements. This change in thinking embraces concepts at the core of already proven open source efforts, including what is generally considered the largest collaborative software development project in history: Linux.

Regardless of the solution, the increasing complexity of managing trading infrastructures is driving up costs at an unsustainable rate for many firms to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace.

The NYSE Technologies Open Platform, with OpenMAMA at its heart, lowers technology costs through facilitating:

  • A consolidated, multi-vendor environment focused on value by easing 3rd party integration
  • A neutral forum to pool resources and develop non-differentiating technologies
  • A single API to ease and future-proof integration across multiple applications and middleware
  • An Open Standard Data Model that simplifies application development

OpenMAMA in collaboration with the capital markets community and other vendors, returns control of the market data environment to the enterprise customer, empowering users to deploy best-of-breed solutions to meet their business requirements. As Open APIs and Standards ensure interoperability and increasing flexibility, but more importantly, taking the complexity out of your trading infrastructure and significantly decreasing costs longer term.

In summary, leveraging OpenMAMA as the standard API for Middleware and Market Data in the finical services industry enables firms to consolidate their existing solutions, resulting in reduced complexity, reduced costs and easing the adoption of new innovative solutions.

NYSE Technologies have developed an innovative combination of hardware, software and services that provide cost effective solutions to the challenges of managing today’s trading infrastructures on the Open Platform:

  • Data Fabric MultiVerb: High performance, low latency, message-oriented middleware used to distribute large volumes of application level information across the enterprise.
  • Direct Feed Handlers: NYSE Technologies offers more than 215 Direct Feed Handlers to the world's leading exchanges, electronic communication networks (ECNs), and alternative trading facilities (ATFs).
  • SuperFeed provides a cost effective hosted consolidated data feed with broad access to data from 70+ major US, European and Asian markets in a single normalized format.
  • Feedhandler SDK. Standard Feedhandler toolkit for data normalization and distribution designed to build custom OpenMAMA-compliant feed handlers and integrate with the Open Platform
  • OpenMAMA Enterprise Edition, a fully supported, certified and tested distribution of the industry standard open source middleware agnostic messaging API.
  • OpenMDM, leveraged by SurperFeed, our direct feed handlers and SDK theOpen Market Data Model is independent of technology, encoding format, or distribution mechanism.
  • Market Data Cache: Innovatively solving both the issues of footprint and cost, in testing fan-out distribution, the Market Data Cache handled double the message throughput of its predecessor.
  • HD Tickerplant: Leveraging high density multi-core technology resulting in all US equities in a single box in an easily deployed managed solution

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